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We insist that every client be completely satisfied with the essays, papers, and other products we produce for them. And we do a pretty good job of meeting this goal. If you are unhappy with your final draft, we are committed to fixing whatever you do not like. This policy has been developed so that you understand exactly how to request revisions, and when those revisions are fully free of charge.

How to Request a Revision

We send you the final draft of your order through your personal account page. We ask that you open that draft and review it very carefully. You then have two options. You can approve this final draft by clicking the “approve” button. If you do not approve, because there are changes you want, then you click the “request revisions” page. A field will than appear and you need to write in the details of what you want changed. We will analyze your request and make sure that your writer receives it, so that s/he can begin immediately. This is why we stay open 24 hours a day.

If we have questions about your request or need to discuss it with you, we will get in touch with you immediately.

Most revisions are free of charge; however, there are occasions when we must charge an additional fee. These are outlined below.

When Revisions are Free

If your writer has failed to follow all of your instructions, then of course, everything will be revised for free until you are perfectly satisfied. This rarely occurs because the final product is checked against your specifications; however, when it does rarely occur, we take full responsibility and make the changes as quickly as possible. Here are examples of the types of revisions that are free:

  • If the writer has used the incorrect format style and it was not caught, all formatting will be corrected immediately.
  • The number of pages and/or words is incorrect – if we need to lengthen or reduce size, your writer will get it done.
  • There are organizational, structural, or grammatical errors. This does not occur, but if something slips by, we will fix it.
  • You did not get the free pages that were promised – title page, bibliography, table of contents, or outline. You’ll have them immediately.
  • The specific sources you requested were not used. Again, this is really rare. If we are unable to locate a resource you request, we always let you know far in advance of completion of your paper.

Revisions That Will Require a Fee

The general policy for fee-based revisions is this: if your revision request changes your original order, then we will be happy to change the piece to reflect the changes you want. However, it is important to understand that your writer goes by your original instructions. For example, you may have clicked 4 resources rather than the 5 you really needed. Your writer can locate that 5th resource and incorporate it into your paper; however, this will require additional work, and that is why a fee must be charged.

The best way to avoid errors of the type described above is to review your order very carefully when we send you a confirmation of your original order. Look it over very carefully, and let us know if you need to change anything.

When you request a revision for which we must charge a fee, we will analyze the change and assign a fee. We will let you know right away, so that you can make your payment quickly. It is important that changes be made so that your deadline is not impacted too much. Once you make payment, we will begin on the revisions immediately.

Submitting a Request for Revisions After Taking Delivery

If you have approved and downloaded a finished piece of writing and then discover that you do need some revision, you can still request and receive those revisions. Our policy is that we will accept revision requests for up to 7 days after you have taken delivery. If your piece of writing is lengthy (e.g., a thesis, dissertation, or very lengthy research paper), we allow 14 days.

To request changes after you have taken delivery, you will need to contact our customer service department. The reason for this is that we only hold onto orders for a very short period of time. They are wiped from our system, because we want to guarantee that the piece of writing you paid for is never seen or used by anyone else. In these situations, we will probably ask that you upload your delivered product to us, along with the instructions for revision. Again, if the revision do not change your original order, they will be provided free (if within the time limit). If the 7 or 14-day time limit is up, then we will have to consider the revision a new order, and there will be a fee based upon the types of changes you have requested.

It is Important to Submit Revision Requests Quickly

We urge you not to put off requesting revisions if you need them. The best scenario, of course, is to request them as soon as you review your final draft. This will allow us and your writer to get right on it and get the revised piece back to you quickly. Waiting can impact your deadline. As well, if you wait too long, your writer may be in the midst of another assignment and we may have to assign the revisions to another writer.

Disputes over Fees

If you should disagree with fees that are being charged for revisions, please contact our customer service to discuss this. We want you to understand why we charge the fees we do, and we are certainly more than happy to discuss the fees with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We may, on occasion, offer a discount on a next order; however, understand that any discounts we provide are at our discretion.

Again, our goal is your satisfaction. We will do everything in our power to provide you with exactly the product you have ordered and want. If you have any questions about our revision policy, please contact us.

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