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Dissertations – the final step for doctoral students. But what a huge step it is. Your coursework is finished, and you now have the next 12-18 months to focus on your dissertation. At this point, you and your advisor have probably agreed upon your topic area and research question. The rest is now up to you.

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Although you will meet with your advisor on a number of occasions during this whole process, you have full responsibility for the proposal and all five chapters, not to mention the oral defense. This will be a long and sometimes lonely process. You will meet with frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, and stress. There will also be great times when a chapter has come together and you can move on. But through it all, there is exceptional help through the dissertation writing services of Essay Republic.

Being Selective about the Help You Pursue

If you have used writing services in the past, you know that there are huge differences in quality and professionalism. You may have been “burned,” and you may have found a great one that served your needs as an undergraduate student. Now that you are working on this most important academic project of your lifetime, however, you need to be more careful about seeking help. For one thing, dissertation writing services are not offered by all writing companies. For another, a lot of writing services may offer dissertation assistance but do not, in fact, have the Ph.D. researchers and writers to provide doctoral students with the scholarly assistance they need.

As a Ph.D. candidate, you certainly know that you will not be using any service that offers/promises the following:

  • Students can order dissertations online with just the submission of a topic and receive a full, original work without providing any further information or detail. Obviously, such a service is a scam and has no idea what a dissertation entails.
  • Students can buy dissertation works that are completed within 7-10 days. Again, such a service is a fraud. Any dissertation that is put together in that amount of time will be a re-write of an existing one. Resources will be old and out-of-date; the topic area may be the same as yours, but the research question will be different. As closely as you have to work with your advisor and committee, this type of dissertation will never “fly.” Your original research, for example, will have to be a project that you set up locally and gain approval for. How does a writer, probably in a foreign country do that for you?

You may be tempted to take shortcuts, but we are here to tell you that those shortcuts never work. What you need is a Ph.D. in your field who can act as a consultant as the both of you collaborate to produce a dissertation that will be scholarly, worthwhile and ultimately approved by your committee.

Essay Republic Provides the Consultant You Need

Our dissertation writing service provides as little or as much help as you need, based upon your requirements. We do not simply take a topic and produce a dissertation. You determine the breadth and depth of assistance, and we assign a Ph.D. consultant to work with you, through every stage if necessary. Here is what our process looks like.

  1. You Begin with an Inquiry

You can either complete our order form or contact our customer support department. No matter at what stage you may be in the process, we will work with you from that point. Our mission is to analyze your current situation and assign the very best consultant. All consultants, no matter what the academic field will have the following:

  • A Ph.D. in the same academic field as the client
  • Experience having written his/her own dissertation
  • Experience providing dissertation research and writing assistance to many other doctoral candidates

Once we have analyzed your need and assigned the appropriate Ph.D., we step back. You and your consultant work directly together based upon what you need. In terms or pricing, we determine that based upon the type and amount of work your consultant does. Payment for such a large project occurs in stages, as does delivery, as each section/chapter is completed. Here are all of the types of assistance you can request.

  1. The Proposal

Your dissertation proposal is a formal document that must be submitted to your committee. It must include your research question, a justification of your research, what you hope to contribute to your field, a short summary of initial research, a description of your research design, and a timeline for completion. Proposals are really scrutinized by committees and often returned for revision, so it is important to get it right the first time. Your dissertation writer will work with you to formulate the perfect proposal.

  1. The Literature Review

This is chapter two of your dissertation. Most scholars who have written dissertations advise that leaving chapter one, the Introduction, until the end is the best strategy. The literature review can be one of the most tedious tasks of the dissertation. Most students find it pretty boring as well. If you have not yet begun your review or are in the midst of it and now bogged down, let your consultant finish it up for you. Whether you need someone to simply locate the most relevant research or an entire review written, simply let your consultant know.

  1. Methodology

When you wrote your proposal, you summarized your research design. This chapter fills in all of the details, including the instruments you are going to use, and involves the actual implementation of your research. Whether your research is qualitative or quantitative, you will need to be extremely careful about data collection and accuracy of organizing that data for reporting. You will need to ensure that you are only collecting data that directly relates to your research question and that you recognize nuisance factors that you will have to deal with later. Most doctoral students conduct their own research because it occurs in a geographically proximate area or in a lab. Once that data is collected, however, your consultant can organize it and create the perfect charts, graphs and other visuals to present it in a sound manner. There will also be a prose reporting of the data, and our dissertation writers are exceptional scholarly writers.

  1. The Results/Analysis

The data is organized and presented. Now it is time to analyze the data for statistical significance and to determine how it answered your research question. Even though there are digital methods for statistical analysis, students who are not accomplished mathematicians may have difficulty making decisions about formulae to use and plugging in the numbers correctly. Your consultant will see to it that the statistical analysis is perfectly accomplished, even if an outside statistician must be consulted as well. We do have those on staff to assist. Again the analysis will be visually and verbally presented.

  1. Discussion/Conclusion

This chapter will explain to your reader how your research has answered your question, why it is significant, and what contribution has been made to your field of knowledge. Here is where you will address any nuisance factors and other issues that will point to research that can or should be conducted in the future. Your research will not be perfect – no research really is. But yours can be presented in an exemplary manner, and your consultant can help make it so.

  1. The Introduction

Returning to the introduction at this point means that you have total perspective on your research and can provide a prelude to it all without divulging too much. You also want this chapter to be engaging, so that your reader really wants to see what you have done. Your consultant can produce a compelling and exciting introduction for you. If you have already written your introduction chapter, our dissertation writers also provide complete reviews and can make suggestions or completely re-write your introduction.

Editing and Proofreading Services

If you have completed your dissertation, you must not be the one who proofreads or edits the work. You have poured days upon days, weeks and weeks, and months and months into this project. You are very emotionally connected and attached to what you have written. As a result, you will easily pass over errors in structure, awkward sentences, and other grammatical mistakes. It is just imperative that you find someone who is not only an expert in your subject field but who is an experienced scholarly writer. For this reason, our dissertation editing services is hugely popular with doctoral students. They can get that PH.D. field expert who will review, edit, and proofread the entire piece, providing the polish that will impress that committee. Our editing services can occur as a final operation; however, most students choose to submit each chapter as it is completed and before they submit it to their advisors for approval.

Benefits and Guarantees

When you select Essay Republic for dissertation assistance, you will enjoy a list of guarantees and benefits that many other services do not provide:

  1. You confidentiality is fully protected against outside hacking, and, in our system, your personal information is encrypted – you are assigned a customer number. We never reveal personal information about our clients, nor have we ever been hacked.
  2. All research is fully authentic and all writing is produced from scratch. We check every piece of writing before it is delivered to a client.
  3. We meet deadlines
  4. If you are not thrilled with any part of any section, all you do is let your writer know. S/he will make any revisions you request.

You are Not Alone

It is rare that a doctoral student completes his/her dissertation without some sort of assistance. Getting help with your dissertation is certainly not a comment on your skills or abilities – it is a comment that you are smart enough to know that you need some assistance. And, when you use Essay Republic for such help you have the very best that there is.


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